Monday 13 February 2012

Blueberry crumb cake anyone

sounds delicious doesn't it, and it has made me hungry, but sorry folks - I am talking material! 

 These are very definitely my colours - and match the colour scheme of my bedroom.
I bought a charm pack a while back and have come up with this

Not at all tricky to do!

The cream/beige squares (that you can't see very well!!) were material that I already had so I have managed to use some stash as well

 It was very quick and easy to do and will look gorgeous in my bedroom!

Jen and I went swimming today: we both need to get fit and I figured swimming is a great way to try and help my back too, get those muscles working.  Right now it doesn't feel like it, but I will persevere. And it was nice to have someone to swim with.
Tomorrow we are off in to London to visit Alison and Daniel - he had his first birthday a few weeks ago: where did that time go


  1. Lovely relaxing colours and just the sort of thing you want in your bedroom.

  2. I love those colours together - very harmonious :)

  3. Good to see you making something for you!!

  4. Lovely soothing blues! And the name makes it even more yummy! Jxo

  5. Love how you've put your charm squares together. The colours are very calming!

  6. Lovely colours! It seems both traditional and fresh and modern all at once!

  7. oh I was eyeing up one of those charm packs a while ago, gorgeous colours and prints! x

  8. That's really pretty, Catherine!


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