Wednesday 11 January 2012

Roll up, roll up..

It wasn't exactly a new years resolution, but I was going to try and keep the sewing at a slower pace to concentrate on my exams...... well......there was this:

a zippered pouch swap over here:  if you're not too late, you might be able to get in.  I think Susan, Hadley and Sarah were hoping for about 50 people by the weekend: they are already up to 84!!  Can't wait for that to start.  This is my mosiac

I don't like doing mosiacs, I always seem to get near to the end and something happens and it all dissapears!!  I have also put up a zippered pouch board on my pinterest here

Stained QAL
 not sure that I will keep up to date with this as the exams MUST come first, but I will try my hardest and it will definately be finished. This is Sarahs - isn;t it fabulous!

I managed not to work a ten and a half day today (first time since we have been back at work!) so came home to do some revision, but I was so brain dead I ended up just making stupid mistakes, so will wait till the weekend. Only two weeks till the exam and the pressure is off slightly then.


  1. Great. Joined Mouthy Stitches too. Love little pouches!

  2. I'm sitting out this round of the swap but will look forward to the next one :)
    I'm also hoping to join in on Sarah's quilt along at some point.
    Hope you get some clear head space before your exam :)

  3. I have joined the mouthy stitchers...although I have NO idea what I am doing!!! Hopefully my partner will be the forgiving kind!! xx

  4. Your mosaic looks great. Good luck with your sewing and exams!

  5. Hard not to be tempted isn't it. I have joined the Mouthy Stitchers too, well it's just a wee pouch isn't it????

  6. I've told Sarah I am in for her QAL too. So see you there. Thanks for the plug for our swap. We have a great group of people in it now and you are one of them!!

  7. I am so very excited about Sarah's QAL and the Swap. I actually own one of the bags in your mosaic. I love it! What kind of exam are you taking? I am stressed just thinking about it!

  8. I've also succumbed to the temptation of Mouthy your mosaic. Can't wait for partner assignments now!!

  9. I've joined in the Mouthy Stitches too. Love your mosaic. I really like the boxy pouches.


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