Saturday 21 January 2012

My hanging 'thingy'

Yesterday was a very long day for me: left home at 7am and got home about 6.30pm, shattered.  By the time I had had a shower and made tea there wasn't much time left for anything.  Needing to unwind I started to sew and ran this up

 A little hanging storage thingy. I have wanted to try and make one for ages, to free up the chest of drawers in my bedroom.  I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere, so made one up!
Excuse the light switch!
 I am pleased with the result and it is in my bedroom holding things very nicely, doing what it is meant to do.  I feel more of these coming on: the girls could do with lots each!

Today, in a bid to get out of the revision and the house, I walked down to the LQS. My one year blog anniversary is around the corner, so I wanted to be prepared.  I purchased what I needed so will be having the giveaway soon.  I did also see some lovely fabric to finish off my mystery quilt, but that will have to wait til after pay day!

We receive our mouthy stitches partner assignments later today: can't wait to see who I have!


  1. Yes, you Susan and me all have our blogaversaries! Well done on winging your hanging thingy!

  2. Whose a clever girl then? A great wee practical & stylish make! Jxo

  3. Excellent hanging thingy,especially after a long day like that.

  4. Great make! I seem to remember making something like this when I was at school. It wasn't as pretty though.

  5. Who needs tutorials?! Great little make, Catherine!

  6. What a great useful creation, and sounds like it was made very quickly by you too!


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