Monday 30 January 2012

Making a start

Things have definitely started to get moving over at Mouthy stitchesThere are some fabulous designs and colours being displayed.

 After a false start with fabric choices at the weekend, I sat down and had a re-think.  I'm not going to say much about my partner - you never know who might be reading and I don't want participants who read my blog to think 'oh well, it can;t be me then!'
I am now much happier with my choices and the direction in which I am going.  I am busy designing the other side now and will then do some quilting and start sewing it up.  I don't even know what design pouch I will be doing.  I will add fabric to the bottom of this panel, to give me
Head on over to the flickr group and take a look at all those lovely pics


  1. Well I love what you`re doing Catherine - very pretty!

  2. Love the colours! The design! Can't wait to see more, must get a handle on my own pouch design, etc!

  3. I think this looks wonderful. I love the text fabric in the centre!


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