Thursday 26 January 2012

Its only Thursday woman

As a treat to myself, and also because I just happened to be passing on my travels, I stopped off at a fabulous quilt shop on the way home today

The moda blueberry crumb cake had just come in and I fell in love with the colours immediately, so had to have that.  The little owl fabric will be used for my mouthy stiches pouch and the green fabric for my mystery quilt
BUT..... I may have got the green all wrong

The greens in my quilter are brighter.  I thought it would be perfect with the yellow and red dots on.  Now I am not so sure.  Anyway, I don't have the option of not using it, because this is what I bought it for! I will give it a go and hope it works out ok.  I would like to get this all sewn together over the weekend.

I have also been handsewing in the evenings and have finished something else off my finish a long list

I like how it has turned out and I love the colours but can't get over the batik side of things.  I think this one may go with my wonky star quilt - to a better home
I keep thinking today is Friday - so dissapointing :-(


  1. I think if the fabric is on the back it will be fine. Close enough to the front colours but it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect if it is on the other side. Love the batiks quilt. Every time I say I don't like batiks someone goes and makes something beautiful with them!

  2. I personally would use it for a different quilt...BUT its your project to decide. I DO like it xx

  3. How lovely! Do you have a Kona color card? I just ordered some Blueberry crumb cake...and am wondering which kona's would match it...thought I'd ask you. =)

    I don't know of I would use that green for that seems a little bit much...but maybe it looks different in person. =)

  4. Oh I wish it was Friday!!! Good luck with all the sewing for the weekend...only a day away!

  5. From your pics the green doesn't look so different. Maybe it will look better when it's all sewn up, as often is the case. Jxo

  6. Your finished quilt is beautiful and I love your little owls too!


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