Saturday, 22 October 2011

Feeling way too full

We had a lovely time at Marys house last night: I ate way too much chinese, and the worst thing is that chinese seems to make you more hungry, so I have been picking all day today :-(

My kitchen table chairs have been in need of recovering for some while.  I have recovered them before - two worked well and two did not and I have never got round to rectifying!  I decided to do a kind of loose covering after something I saw in a magazine.  I pinned it all inside out first

Please don't think that I am mad using white fabric (I know I am) - it is my old bedroom curtains!  After I made my new ones, I washed the old ones and hey presto.. 

A newly recovered chair - you can see one of the old ones in the background - where the fabric never actually covered all of the chair.  The covers are fully washable and I dont have little childre in my house, so I am (reasonably) hopeful that they wont have to washed to often!
Although it is half term week I am working Monday to Wednesday.  So I am looking forward to having the end of the week off and catching up more on my sewing , and a bit of wallpapering (boo) 
This evening I will look forward to cozying up and catching up on blog posts that I have yet to read, perfect


  1. I am the world's most accident prone so me and white chairs would be such a bad mix - but the cover looks brilliantly well done. Just don't invite me for dinner!!

  2. ...but you could invite Heken and Emily - they are much neater I hear. Love your covers Catherine!


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