Saturday 29 October 2011

Cake anybody?

So, Monday is Beccys birthday, she will be 15 (how did that happen!)  She is having a sleep over tomorrow night (non pupil day at school on Monday) so I have made a cake for her so everyone can sing happy birthday to her tomorrow evening:

I can't remember the last time I made a birthday cake and iced it.  I make cakes but not usually on this scale.  I am really pleased with it.  She and Jenny are with their dad this afternoon, so it gave me an opportunity to get it sorted.
Its Jennys birthday (!*!!) in two weeks and we are having a get together here of family and friends.  She tells me she wants me to make her birthday cake - a replica of her 1st birthday cake:

although, she wants me to lose the Jennifer and just put Jenny
The reason I have a picture of her 1st b'day is because I have made her an album for her 18th.  I started scanning old photos back in the summer and uploading them to Truprint and back they came to me as duplicate photos.
I am so pleased with the album - its a scrap book all about her 1st 18 years.  I still have some pages to go and have been putting it together whenever she goes out to parties at the weekend etc.  I will take some pics tonight (she is out again!) and upload them.
oh - no studying today, but I did finish wallpapering the bathroom and completely blitzing the garden.  Time for a large glass of something I think!


  1. That`s the second time I`ve had a lump in my throat reading blogs today...seeing your baby girl`s cake. Happy Birthday to Beccy and save a slice for me!

  2. YOu have a busy birthday time, great idea to make the scrapbook photo album, Jenny will love it I am sure. (My Jenny was officially Jennifer too but never got the whole name unless she was naughty!Jenn --i--fferr!!)

  3. Excellent cake! Happy Birthday to Beccy!

  4. Your cakes look amazing. I'm not that good at decorating cakes so I tend to leave that to my 2 eldest daughters. I hope you have wonderful Birthdays with your daughters.

  5. Great cake! And good luck duplicating the first birthday cake. I couldn't do that duck at all! Hope the birthday sleepover went well and that you aren't too exhausted. Great idea for Jenny's gift too. I may be copying you in a few years to come.


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