Friday 28 October 2011

Everybody crafting

Today has been dedicated to table runners  -  I was starting to stress about my tablerunner swap, so changed my design somewhat:

Ta dah: finished!  The thought of sewing another paper pieced star (and also wondering if I had enough white fabric for it) and lots more little 1" wonky stars threw in a bit of a downer, so I had a re-think

I went for bigger and quicker and did a couple of wonky stars instead.  I am now really pleased with how it has turned out

Now, I need to decide what material for the back and then get quilting.

I also finished of my SIL's smaller table runner, made from my reject star:

I also really like this one.  I need to take it away with me next weekend so will be quilting it tonight and over the weekend.  So, alls well that ends well I think!

Did anyone see Kirsty's homemade thingy this week.  Well, my two have been crafting in the kitchen today.  It was just like when they were little girls again, lots of giggling at the kitchen table and singing.
They decided to make something out of paper and cover in fabric.
This is Jennys:

Not a great picture, but she screwed hers up in a ball to make a christmas ornament and covered it in my christmas fabric scraps.  I will post a better pic when the glue has dried! 
And here is Beccys:

She is making a butterfly and again using my fabric scraps: great way to use up all those scraps! 
Early night for me tonight: I was awake at 5.30 am and managed to stay in bed till 6, by which time I just had to get up - I am not working today :-(.  So there I was at 6.15 revising for my next exam.  At least it gave me a longer day, but I am creamy crackered now!


  1. This table runner is looking great. I hope I'm your partner!

  2. Well done with the tablerunners Katherine - sorry it seemed stressful at times. You`ve done a great job!

  3. those runners both work - great job Catherine.


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