Sunday 9 October 2011

Canterbury christmas fabric

These are the christmas fabrics that I picked up in Canterbury yesterday.  Moda 'countdown to christmas'

what a gorgeous selection.  Not sure if I will use them in the table runner swap, as I am not sure that they are my partners thing - and I am not just saying that so that I get to keep them.  I know exactly what I will do with them if i do keep them.

Canterbury is a lovely city, full of lovely shops.  The uni open day was ok, rather disorganised and the talk on the course was uninspiring, but it was still a nice uni.

I have sewn a couple more wonky stars today but other than that is has been studying and helping the girls blitz their bedroom (oh my favourite past time!) The weekend has flown by, can't believe its monday tomorrow!


  1. I love this range, I have a layercake of it but haven't decided what to make yet. What are you thinking of if you keep them?

  2. Enjoy your lovely fabrics you unashamed fabraholic!

  3. I love that fabric! I know, this weekend has been a whirlwind and gone WAY too fast!

  4. Canterbury IS lovely, I've been once! It poured, but I still loved it :-)

  5. I've admired those fabrics so many times but haven't gotten any yet. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  6. Lovely fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them :)


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