Thursday 6 October 2011

At last..

Hurray, I found out who my swap partner was today for the christmas table runner swap.  I cant wait to get started although I have some stalking to do first to make sureI get everything right.  I have been on a fabric purchase ban, which I have stuck to, with the exception of buying some fabric for the goodie swap.  Now I can legitimatley go out and buy some christmas fabric, yay!

I have done a pathetic amount of sewing since Sunday.

I made some wonky stars, which I discovered are very quick and easy to make after I ran a couple up for Judith at Rags to bags.  These will be made in to a little quilt which I intend to give to someone to take somewhere (more another time)

I have been doing a bit of knitting.  I have 2 of these done now

only about another 38 to go!! They are so easy to knit though and perfect for winter evenings knitting.

Jenny and I are off to Canterbury on Saturday to an open university day there: a big sacrifice as I am going to miss two amazing rugby matches on telly: Eng vs france and Ire vs Wales.  So to make up for that, I shall do some christmas fabric shopping whilst there, I'm sure there will be a fabric shop or two


  1. Isn`t it great to know our partner - I think I`ve got a great one. Now I have to get thinking and buy a little fabric!

  2. Look forward to watching the table runner progress...enjoy.

  3. Happy stalking! Love ly stars for Judith too!

  4. Oh lovely stars and love those knitted blocks too. xxxx

  5. Your stars look great! Good luck with the table runner swap, sounds like fun!!


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