Monday 12 March 2012

A slight digression...

I have digressed slightly from the finish along, and finished something that wasn't even started back in January:

Now, I may have mentioned before how this blue is my all time favourite, and the colour of my bedroom....

when I saw the the moda blueberry crumb cake charm pack just sitting there, I had to have it.  The cream material is one I already had

I just did some simple hand sewing in the cream squares and it has been a great evening project

I used a cream fleecy blanket as the backing and no wadding.  The no wadding scenario is what lead me to the fleece backing and is also why my mystery quilt is not finished - can't quilt with no wadding!!  This will hopefully be rectified soon as I have just put through a ridiculous amount of overtime hours at work  (its awful when you have to work such long hours just to feed a habit!!!)

So, I will now go and place this lovingly on my bed (on top of the much much larger blue one that I already have there)


  1. Very pretty and fleecy makes a wonderful backing. I have done that before. I buy those throws at Ikea for next to nothing and use them.

  2. Perfect for a 'blue addict'! Sounds super snuggly! Will just make it even harder to get out of bed! Jxo

  3. I love all the blues and your hand stitching finishes it off perfectly!

  4. I like it! The blue and cream colours together are so relaxating! Perfect for bedroom!

  5. That is a lovely blue quilt, I love blue too (well and most other colours as well but blue is very good).


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