Tuesday 20 March 2012

from one extreme to another

Some days are just way much better than others: this is where I was today:

slap bang in the middle of nowhere (you can just see the sea in the distance) - bet this isn;t the image that comes to mind when people hear 'Essex'

St Lawrence, round the corner from Tillingham

Yesterday I was here
 Not the most scenic area on the planet and full of traffic jams!  I didn't get home until gone 7 yesterday and was cranky when I got in.  Today, I got home by 4pm and after all those lush green fields, sunny day and hardly any traffic on the lanes I felt much better!

I came home and finished this


  1. Thank goodness you had something so gorgeous to come home to!

  2. variety is supposed to be the spice of life xx

  3. Well the green fields and fresh air certainly worked a treat! Your stained quilt top looks amazing! jxo

  4. Rural Essex is beautiful! As is your quilt top - looks fab Catherine!

  5. love the staind glass quilt top - it looks like a quilty representation of those aerial shots!! excellent

  6. It's funny isn't it, in Essex you can be in the town, country or at the beach all in one day. I have to say though that I always save up before I come to Tiptree 'cos of the Cheap Shop. I would be bankrupt if I lived there.


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