Saturday 24 March 2012

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I feel as if time is whizzing away at the moment, I don't seem to get the time to read my favourite blogs or do any sewing!  I forgot to turn my alarm off this morning, so when it went off at 6am today (yes, really!!) I got up anyway, but time just ran away again and its been another no sewing day today.  That means no pics, so in keeping with my last post I thought I would share a picture of Tiptree

Tiptrees sailess windmill

It s not a bad place to live!

Lucy at charm about you tagged me this week, sorry its taken so long Lucy: it's been a long week!!

1. What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?
I went and got a tattoo just after I passed my motorbike test!  I don't regret doing it but I did take myself by suprise!

2. What is your favourite time of day?
In the summer months, definitely early morning 5.30/6am.  Its all so peaceful

3. Which colour of fabric do you use the most?
Looking around, it seems that I use whatever is going!

4. Did you have a toy/blanket that you took to bed when you were little?
I used to have a cuddly bear called 'Bermus' (don't ask!!)

5. What song always gets stuck in your head?
Pretty much whatever I was just listening to

6. What's the best concert you've ever been to?
Went to see Ultravox back in the day - very good

7. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a travel rep - I still want to travel and will definitely go in about 3 years when my girls have flown the nest (or ideally not, so then they can stay at home and pay the mortgage!)

8. Camping or a hotel?
Well, its been mainly camping for us over the last decade: and we have only ever packed up and gone home early once, due to bad weather

9. Do you have a nickname?
None that I am aware of, but probably lots that I am unaware of!!

10. Can you play any instruments?
Err, no!!

11. Would you rather call/text/email or write a letter?
Much rather write a letter and really love receiving them.  I still have a lot of my letters from when I was at boarding school and last summer came across a lot of correspondence from a long ago holiday romance!!  Great memories

Hopefully I will get some form of sewing done tomorrow - who knows, maybe sitting out in the garden and hand sewing!


  1. What insightful answers C! Tiptree looks so quaint! Jxo

  2. it is such fun to read others answers and think what I would say.... I'v been tagged too x

  3. Great questions and answers. Very insightful!

  4. Great answers and can't wait until you run away from home and send us posts from wherever you are!

  5. Loving the peep into your life with these answers!

  6. I am loving reading these tags with the sewing ladies. It means getting to know people so much better :)


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