Monday 30 May 2011

wedding - been and gone

The wedding is now over - where on earth did that day go!  We started off at the hairdressers at 9am, getting our locks curled, flicked and sprayed.

Once our hair was done, we all went up to the bridal suite (8 of us in total) and had a picnic and lots of laughs, to try and calm the nerves.  The time to get ready came round very quickly and at 2.30 we were ready to go downstairs and start the ceromony - which was lovely

Zo looks very serious here - she was very nervous!  The weather was fantastic:sunny and not too blowy, so there were lots of photos outside.  The reception meal was out of this world and the company was fabulous.

I was so proud of these two!  They mingled and chatted with everyone, and did me proud and were so helpful whenever they were called upon.  Beccy is ridiculously tall as she has some VERY tall heels on!!  Poor Jen, she is older than her sister and is being dwarfed!

and here am I being dwarfed!  But at 5.1 I am used to it!  We got to bed about 1am, with very sore feet (lots of dancing) and exhausted!  Breakfast was at 9am this morning and we all reconvened and swapped stories.
Definately having an early night tonight, I am so tired!  And then a 6 hour journey tomorrow up to the lake district - to chill out!!


  1. You looked fantastic and your girls are gorgeous. Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time, enjoy your chill time too.


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