Sunday 8 May 2011

More of the Same

I have been a good mum and house keeper this weekend.  Took Jenny out yesterday to view her future, so no sewing done.  Today I worked very hard in the garden which now looks much better, and then took Bex in to Colchester for her dance exam (results should be out in two weeks or so).  Then came home, did some more gardening and then started on the house!

So, after we had had tea, I decided I had to do a little bit of sewing and I am completely hooked on these bibs, so made one of those, then decided to do a 'sickie' cloth and then felt the need to finish of with a little basket.

I'm not entirely sure what to do with them.  Obvioulsy they will be great for Zoe, if she has a girl, but they are not very boyish!  The girls want me to get a table at the church summer fete and sell my wares, but I never feel comfortable selling my stuff - mostly I am terrified that I would sew loads of things, no-one would buy them and then I would be left with a lot of things I wouldn't use.
So, hopefully Zoe will have a little girl - only 11 weeks till we find out (and only 3 till the wedding!)

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