Sunday 15 May 2011

A Sunday of finishing

Woo hoo, this is finished - well finished sewing anyway! (and thanks to Jen for holding it up for me the minute she walked through the door!)  This quilt does have an ultimate destination, but I can't say yet.  However, I do have a good long while to quilt and bind it, so no pressure!

It was made from 3 charm packs - I can't remember which ones, but I thought the fabrics were very 70's, lots of bold patterns and dark greens and browns.

  The pattern came from here.  There was potentially a lot of waste, but I now have a bucket full of  these:

I made these as I went along, otherwise, I would probably never do them.  I think they will make a nice cushion to go with the quilt.

I see I wasn't the only one being busy today: flyingblindonarocketcycle also has a finish up on her blog too and it looks fantastic - take a look!


  1. Thank you xx
    That's a smashing top you've made too - hurray for the scraps!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see how it looks all done - though it sounds like I will have to! Well done to you - I've not made a quilt that big yet.


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