Saturday 7 May 2011


Jenny and I have been to Chelmsford today to take to take a look around Anglia Ruskin University.  She would like to study child nursing and the only way in to nursing these days is via the degree courses.  For every 20 applicants there is one place!!  Chelmsford is only about 20 miles from us and if money allows then Jen would like to live on campus (and just come home when she needs stuff to go in the washing machine!!)
The campus was really nice and modern - they have done a lot of work over the last few years here.  We have others to look at  but this was the first.  Its so scary, how can my baby be old enough to go to Uni next year!!

 Anyway, seeing as we were there, it seemed a shame not to go to the market and stock up on a few things.  (This is a really lame excuse, as whilst I don't work every day in Chelmsford, my job is based here and I am usually in town every 1 - 2 weeks!)  I picked up some nice heart material and some lovely purple dotted material, although I am not sure what colour the photo shows it as!!

And picked up a few zips as well.  Since I have made the zipper bag, and a few more since, I am no longer afraid of zips!

Tomorrow is all about Beccy - she has a dance exam in Colchester - about 20 mins the other way, so am looking forward to going to watch that.

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