Friday 13 May 2011

Lost post and flowers

If my blog from last night wasn't missing (aaaaagh) then you would have read that I was at flower club last night.  Once again we had a fantastic demonstrator, who also teaches 'flower arranging' at a college.  And yet, she has not passed her NAFAS demonstrators exam - what a travisty because she was excellent and I don't know how she failed!!

This was so clever, taking a variagated reed, bending about 1/3 of the way down and then winding around the leave: what an amazing idea!!

And look at the fern that she plaited in the same arrrangement

This was an amazing display - again it involved some bull reed (?? I'm rubbish at plant names)  which she kind of wove together  to get this cone effect and then placed pink roses inside.  As she was doing it, I think I got how she was doing it, but now I don't have a clue!

This was a cascade display that she put together in no time!

This was a display with gerberoas (is that how you spell it??)  I love these flowers and these were a stunning yellow - no justice done by my phone!

And this was stunning - a simple dome shaped display (well, i say simple, not something I could come up with obviously!)  and then she produced some cottonwool like 'stuff' that she put over the top, that looked like beads - but they were about as fine as spiders webs

All of these she whipped up in about 90 mins, plus one other that i forgot to get a picture of.  They are stunning and even if i had had all day, I wouldn't have done anything like these!!  At the end of the evening they were all raffled off - I didn't win :-(

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