Thursday, 21 April 2011

Seeing things

Today I was sitting on the bus on the way back to the park and ride.  Sitting there, too hot, thinking I can't wait for the 4 day weekend.  The bus stopped in traffic and I looked at the building opposite and notice the stained glass windows

How many times have I stopped outside this building and stared at it and not noticed these windows!  Inspiration struck me and I realised it was just what I wanted for my Amy Butler fabric. 

The window also had a circle in the middle of the black cross, I will decide if I want that when I get further along.
Anyway, I got home and laid out my fabric, got the colours together:

then I started sewing them all together....

The only problem is - I just don't appear to have enough squares!  I will end up with 7 squares in total - obviously an odd number won't work, but on top of that 7 is just not enough!!.  So my job this weekend will be to track down some more of this material in the local shops: hard work, but someone's got to do it!!


  1. Oh I love it when you get inspiration from your surroundings - it`s going to look great!

  2. Cool! I hope you find some more of the soul blossoms, I've got some if you get stuck :-)


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