Sunday 10 April 2011

More cushions!

I love the beach, like lots of other people!  Our nearest beach is Mersea, about 30 minutes away which is very stony, or Frinton, about 45 mins away but a lovely sandy beach.  And they both have fabulous beach huts.  Beach huts now, cost about as much as my house did 10 years ago, so I just look at them longingly.
My friend has a cushion with beach huts on, so I decided I could do one similiar as well, with a few adjustments:

I think it looks really summery.

I have also been making a ring bearers cushion for Zoe and Tim - the pictures are just about useless!  I have used a white silk and gold thread and chain stich to embroider the details on.  The bridesmaids dresses are the same blue as the ribbon.

I have started to sew on lots of little blue beads all around the edge as well - tedious job but it looks really nice: my eyes feel a little crossed now!

Hasn't the weather been fantastic this weekend, so unusual for it to be nice for the school holidays.  I am working the whole two weeks, so looking forward to the two bank holiday weekends we have coming up.

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