Saturday 2 April 2011


So, we have been to london today to see my cousin and her family.  You may remember back in January/early Feb, when I talked about the new addition Daniel - well here he is now:

It's amazing how much he has grown and how different he looks and behaves, all in the space of about 8 weeks.  He has a gorgeous smile and is kicking and punching the air all the time.

This is Jenny and Beccy, adoring him!

He was so good.  We went out for lunch and he slept as soon as he was put in his pram and woke again as soon as we got in.
Normally when we go in to london we catch the train-its two hours door to door.  We have to catch the train for 40 mins and then the tube for what seems like ages, and you come home feeling all grimy.  And, it cost £30 last time.  So today I drove in - wish I had done this before!  only took 90 mins and cost about £12 in petrol.  Will definately be doing that again.
Can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Daniels mum and dad - it was all about Daniel!!

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