Monday 25 April 2011

Baby Love

I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Easter break.  I manged to get lots of sewing in interspersed with bits of housework, lots of ironing, driving instructor etc etc.

I started to make things for Zoe's baby, which is due in July.  I bought some cheap 'sickie' cloths a while ago, with a plan to jazz them up, so did the 1st one with some Peter Rabbit material and rik rak.

Then I decided to make a container for nappies, and used some more of the fabric.  And then another container.... different style, to put cotton wool and lotion in

And then these...... they were so easy to make and so addictive!  I had bought some bibs, but they were average, so I decided to trace the outline and make my own.  They take about 15 mins each start to finish and I am going to make loads more.  (they just need velcro to go on now)  Alison,Ben and Daniel may be coming next weekend so the two blue ones are for him

Apart from that, I have sat in the garden, hand quilting.  Jenny said I looked like an old granny with  a blanket over my legs in the sun!!  I have finished hand quilting Zoe and Tims quilt and nearly finished another one that has been lying around for too long.  On Wednesday I will get the binding I want for Zoe and Tims and get that all finished - only four weeks to go to the wedding!
And, oh yes, I ordered some more Amy Butler online, so will be watching out for the postman.....

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  1. You have been seriously busy and that is going to be one lucky baby (and it's mother). Impressive work!


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