Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I discovered this blog this morning: mmmcrafts.  There are some fantastic things on there, including a tutorial for fabric covered lettering.  I have seen these around - my local shop does a letter for £6.00: uncovered!!  I think that is expensive.  Last summer I wallpapered the eating end of my kitchen and decided to jazz it up with some lettering:

I love how it looks.  I used some cardboard from a cereal box and drew out the letters, some wadding, scrap material and a glue gun. And hey presto.  Just think, it could have cost me £18 just to buy the letters!
The little apple wall hanging to the right is one of mine too.
Larissa's blog also has a link to another blog with this tutorial: purl bee tutorial, that shows a quilt with circles using liberty fabric.  So I was thinking how great it would look with smaller circles, made from my Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric: I feel another project coming on!

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