Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cosmetic bag

This is todays making.  A cosmetic bag from Sew Mama Sew: tutorial

I wanted to give it a go because the last time I worked with a zip I think I was about 12!  There was a few bits of unpicking, because I read the pattern and then did something completely different!  I am not sure that I have got the zip quite right, it looks fine, but also it doesn't, so I will make a few more.

It didn;t take long to make, less than an hour.  Work has been really hectic (I travel between schools and help out with their finances, and it is year end, so ridiculously busy) On Monday, I travelled 100 miles and didn't get home till 7.30 and yesterday was a stressful day, so today when I got home at 4 I really needed to sew and this was just the thing.
I have my friend Zoe coming round for tea tonight.  It is her wedding in May.  Anyway, she has sold her little Renault Clio to Jenny and we take delivery tonight!  Jen hasn't passed her test yet,  she is not able to drive my car as it is a work car and I can't put her on the insurance, so she was getting no practise between her lessons.  She has paid for the car herself and I am really proud of her saving for it. 
Beware of the roads in North Essex.......!

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