Sunday 29 July 2012

Multi tasking

I have been trying to finish all my outstanding projects before I start on anything new. One of the outstanding projects is my ET block.  I took a long time to find the right fabrics to get the look that I wanted but got there eventually and am now ready to quilt this block and turn it into a cushion

I have a few other projects that I am finishing off too, but will show those another time. I am fitting my jobs in around the olympics. The opening ceromony was just amazing and, like so many others, I was very proud to be british.  I am currently watching the diving, the girls are very talented

One of my jobs was to repaint the decking. I started yesterday afternoon and got up early to finish off as I knew rain was forecast.  Not only did we have rain, we had hail. There is about 3 hours between the pictures taken at the top and the ones on the bottom
Good old british weather!!
The lavender I have has also been attracting the bees: there have been loads working away on this (not that I managed to caputure any on film!)


  1. I think that will make a wonderful cushion! My lavender is also a bee magnet, which is a good thing but makes it feel a bit precarious when you are working nearby.

  2. You have been productive. Your ET block is a marvel. I intend doing one but as I can't paper piece I'm going to be EPP mine! It seems to have been a good year for lavender lots in my garden

  3. I love your ET block - the narrow border looks wonderful!

  4. Great looking block. that'll make such a cool pillow! =D

  5. omg - i think it's warmer here and we're in the middle of winter!! i'm so happy britain did the opening ceremony so well - absolutely increases the 'pride' factor!

  6. Beautiful ET block, I love how you've done the border!
    I have to say I'm not really bothered about the Olympics but the opening ceremony was brilliant.
    I have lavender in my garden too, it's great for the busy bees :)

  7. Your ET block is great! I love how it looks set on point. We have crazy weather here too (seriously four seasons in a day sometimes!)

  8. The ET block is amazing! We have strange weather is Hungary too: thropic weather and storms, almost every day.
    your garden is so beautiful!


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