Tuesday 10 July 2012

3rd quarter FAL

EEEk how are we now in to the 3rd quarter!!
When I first thought about this quarter, I didn't think I had much to finish up: sadly I was very wrong!!

This should really be first as it has been carried over from 1st quarter and the 2nd quarter!

And then, in no particular order:

make some more of these scrappy stars and get them made in to a quilt

Do something with my ET block

make this in to something, probably need to add some more first though!

 And something with this.  This is a charm pack that I bought: trade winds. I love the fabric and it translates in to this beautifully.  I have a duck egg/grey to compliment it and really want to get on with this

So, quite a few things to be cracking on with over the summer!

I have my exam tomorrow and have spent all day revising today, so I was at home when the postie delivered these:

See the minitaure storm at sea at the back (the blue packet) - well the smallest piece is a tinsey triangle, each side a cm long!! Not sure if I am up to that!

Linking this to Rhondas FAL


  1. I vote for trade winds first. I absolutely love it! Very good luck with your exam tomorrow. If anyone deserves to do well it is you. I will have all fingers and toes crossed for you.

  2. You have some lovely starts there. I don't think you should start anything else until they're finished! Good luck with the exam.

  3. I have got to do my FAL list too to gee myself up to make some progress. I am also intrigued by the paper piecing - I didn't think I would enjoy it but having tried it in Tacha's EPP class and Lynne's Union Jack class I am a convert! Can't wait to see which paper piecing you choose first...

  4. good luck! just have fun with whatever you choose xx

  5. Great looking projects there! loving those scrappy star blocks. Good luck with finishing them up =D

  6. Best of luck with that exam,
    I am sure you will do some excellent finishes!

  7. hope the exam went well - and loving the stars. Good luck with yout teensy storm at sea too!

  8. I hope that the exam goes really well. You have some beautiful projects here. I have just broken into my Trade Winds fabric. It is so vibrant and makes me feel as it really is summer! Di x

  9. Good luck with Exam! Love your wips for the list, best of luck with that too :-)

  10. good luck with the exam love all your works in progress you are so talented!! trade winds looks gorgeous too. are those from paper pieces.com ? I tend to cut out my templates but these look like great wee sets.

  11. I can't wait to see these projects grow!! How did the exam go? Is that it now?


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