Wednesday 4 July 2012

2nd quarter FAL completions

I have just been over to Rhonda's to add my finishes for the 2nd quarter FAL

It was an improvement on the 1st quarter and this time I had a 75% success rate (if that were my exam I would have failed as the pass rate is 80%!!)

I managed to finish off these:

my mug of tea quilt
my mystery quilt: starburst
and finally....

my stained quilt
I am extremely happy at this success rate, and would say without a doubt, that it is the FAL that is spurring me on with these finishes. 

On another note, I saw a tweet today from Katy, telling us that there was 25% off and free shipping over at paper  I can't tell you how fortuitous this was as I had been perusing their site to see what I might want to purchase.  Needless to say I placed my order today and should be well stocked up for paper piecing for quite a while!!


  1. I think you did brilliantly as these were all big projects too.

  2. someone with the right attitude! Cuppa tea!yes please!

  3. Great finishes there!! =D

  4. Guess which is my favourite?

  5. I think that you have passed! There are some big quilts there. I like the mug of tea quilt is fab! Di x

  6. These are amazing finishes. Not only did I fail in the exam analogy. I failed so badly I only managed to write my name at the top of the paper!

  7. These quilts are smashing. I especially like the starburst. Well done on finishing them.

  8. I didn't even turn up for the exam ;o)

    Lovely finishes - I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to make with your EPP papers!

  9. Crikey that's a high pass rate! Fabulous quarter you've had, and thanks for the heads up on the paper piecing. Jxo

  10. Wow, three whole quilts is a wonderful amount of finishes! And I love each and every one of them too.


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