Saturday 14 July 2012

Olympic sight seeing

Well, after a particularly horrid week, I am ready for the weekend. I am taking Beccy and her friend Beth to Stratford today, to the Westfield shopping centre.  This is my purpose for the visit:

John Lewis Stratford City

Not only to wander the haberdashery etc but also to take a look at this:

Olympic Park
Picture from the John Lewis viewing area

They have a viewing gallery of the olympic site, so it will be great to go and get a peek from a different angle (I have seen it being built slowly on my trips in to London on the train)

Beccy had a particularly nasty 3 first days at work experience this week, to the point that school told her not to return. She is now working at our local Boots, in the village, who have been beyond fantastic and I can't thank them enough.
My exam on Wednesday wasn't great and wasn't bad, but I came out feeling very down.  Time will tell: I get the results in about 6 weeks.  I was really poorly last weekend with a stomach bug so lost a whole weekend of revision.

So, today is a our treat day to ourselves!  Will let you know if I think the Olympic site is looking ready or not...!!


  1. have a good trip ... put last week away and move on to a fun weekend.. sights to see money to spend.. decisions to make about what to eat .. and updates to make re the Olimpics .. GREAT TIMES xx

  2. Have a fun day and enjoy your day out. Di x

  3. Hope you have a lovely weekend & enjoy John Lewis!

  4. Have a lovely weekend - my fingers are crossed for an unexpected sale in the fabric/haberdashery department of JL!!!

  5. I so hope you all have a good day. Sounds like you really deserve it. Fingers crossed the exam went better than you think. And where on earth was Beccy working that they gave her a horrid time?!!

  6. Have fun! I didn't know they were building anything near Westfields. I keep meaning to go properly as I can get a coach there. I've only been in Westfields to find a loo before going to the BBC!

  7. Opps hit enter too quickly! How horrible that the work experience was so nasty! Yay for nicer places. Really hope your exam went better than you think xx

  8. What a shame that work experience started so badly but glad to hear it ended okay.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  9. So sorry her work experience went all wrong!
    Hope she is happy at Boots!

  10. It's a shame to hear the start of the week wasn't too good! It's nice to do something fun after a bad week =D

  11. Helllllooooo, sorry it's taken me so long to find your blog, I am following along now, and looking forward to being hipbees together x

  12. I hope the exam turns out to have been fine and I am glad your daughter is sorted but too bad to have terrible time first. The olympic site looks really cool, great idea to go and have a look.


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