Tuesday 29 March 2011

Sunday makings

 On Sunday, I carried on with more sewing.  I did do some studying beforehand for two hours and in between sewing I also did a bit of gardening.  Sunday was a lovely day down here.

This was from this tutorial:   happy hostess gift boxes  from sew mama sew          I have had these two fabics for ever and finally decided to cut in to them.  Sunflowers are my favourite flower and I have loads of them in my garden in the summer.  In fact when I was gardening, I pulled out an old one from last year and all the seeds had dropped in to a pot - so this year, I will have even more!

This is something I made up myself using the same fabrics, it looked a bit dull on its own so I had a rummage and found the ric rac and middle flower, both of which were made for this coaster!

the back of the coaster is made from some dress material, that I have had left over since I made Jenny and Beccy some summer dresses, about 13 years ago - just goes to show, never throw away any scraps....

 And then another box, this one is for my mum, as part of her mothers day present (she doesn't read my blog so I am safe to show it!)

She has a border collie, Cato, so we thought she wold appreciate this fabric!

I think my laptop is on its last legs - the screen keeps flickering violently and I have to sit and stare at it until it calms down, but then I start tryping again and it start flickering again..... :-(

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