Saturday 26 March 2011

lunch bag

 I have made this lunch bag today, although it is slightly bigger than I envisaged it being.  The tutorial was from the blog, the long thread :

The instructions were really good and clear.  However, I have definately made an error in the materials that I used.  For the inside, I used an oilcloth, thought this would be great, in case my drink leaks in there, but I think this was an error, because it made it very hard to work with. The outer material is great, its a kind of nylony sponge bag material (do you like my technical terms!!)  I wish I had used the same material, although different patterns, for the inside and out.

Still, my lunch fits in and I think the bag looks great, a lot nicer than some that I have seen sitting on the shelves in the shops!
My girls have gone away this weekend, so I am hoping to do a lot more sewing.....

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  1. This lunch bag is fabulous! I love the outer material and the oilskin lining was a great funky bag! I might have to make one myself...


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