Sunday 6 March 2011


This is probably the second quilt that I made.  Its not very big, about 50cm x 50cm.  For some reason, I chose another quilt with lots of little triangles!  I love the reds in this pattern. 

The four wreaths were appliqued on.  The pattern itself was done with freezer paper, which was quite a time consuming thing and something that I don't think I have done since.  I seem to have found quicker ways of doing things.

And this is where I am at with the cathedral windows.  Anyone who has made a whole quilt out of these has my utmost admiration.  It has taken me all week to do this and boy is it fiddly.
My sewing/ironing was obviously not that great, as some of my points did not all meet nice and tidily in the middle.  So, to get over the problem, I have sewn on little white bows, which look really cute and hide the mess underneath!

There are still a few more bows to sew on.  One thing that I didn't realise was the need to sew the white edges down.  I had sewn my edges really neatly with 'invisible' stiches, so that the stiching wasn't showing, but when i finished, it just didn't look right.  So, I had a look at all those lovely pictures out there and quickly realised that every one sewed on the top.  I remedied mine this afternoon, with some machine stitching and it looks great now.  But what a waste of time, doing it all so neatly!

I will definately do these again, maybe black with really bright colours

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