Wednesday 16 March 2011

Cathedral windows finished

 Well, I finally finished it, and after being disheartened as to how it looked halfway through, I now officially love my cushion.  Unfortunately, some of my edges didn't meet very well, as I said previously, so this is how I remedied that: with some little white bows

 I think they work really well.  And this is my friends wedding present, which I am now hand quilting.  I laid it all out on the floor at the weekend and pinned it all together - what a back breaking job!  I know she is going to love it, and can't wait for it to be finished. 

 And this is what I should be doing instead of sewing - on to my final year of my AAT studies.  But it is too hard at the moment.  I work in school finance and it is budgeting time and coming up to year end, and after I have been number crunching all day, I come home shattered and can't bear to look at any more numbers!!

This weekend, my brother and his family are coming down - 7 of us squeeze in to this little two bedroomed house, but it is lots of fun.  And it is super saturday for the 6 nations, and England just could get the grand slam - and it's my brothers birthday Saturday too, so guess what we will be doing!


  1. Hi Catherine

    I'm sorry I didnt do anything with your tag thing, I think it came when I was undergoing ivf and didnt do much in the way of blogging.
    But I did remember you tagging me.

    Nice to find someone normal patchworking, by that I mean that you dont have a million sponsers or fabric ads on your blog!

    I find it hard to get any communication from most quilters, usually because they are probably busy quilting..maybe I should listen to myself!

    I've seen the cathedral pattern around, I may give it ago one day.


  2. Your cushion looks great! I like the bows too. I was very tempted to add buttons to mine when I finished it but couldn't be bothered in the end :)


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