Saturday 25 June 2016

Day 8

Zell am See to Innsbruck
Another fabulous day. Sat and knitted by the lake whilst waiting for the train. Had two different ladies come and talk to me about knitting.  I can get by with my German and understand more than I can talk, so I got the gist of what they were saying

There's definitely worse places to knit!
I continued with this shawl on the train. I had to change trains to get to Innsbruck : no problems everything is so well signposted.
I've been to Innsbruck before. It's a lovely place. You need to remember that when you get off the train, in the majority of places, you won't be getting a good first impression. When I've booked my hotels Ive made sure they are close to the centre rather than the station

It was crazy hot again today but storms were forecast. I had enough time to look around
Before the rain came
So obviously I had a great excuse to finish off the sock I'd been working on!

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