Wednesday 29 June 2016

Day 12

The day I've been waiting for
It seems like ages since I booked the Glacier express
I had the coach to myself for the first 30 mins. I had pre-ordered lunch. You could also have chosen a 3 course meal, or order off the menu. I took along my own little bottle of wine
The prices on board weren't cheap! I travelled all the way to Zermatt : 7 hours, but you can get on later and get off earlier so it doesn't have to be a long journey. The train went to a height of 2033mt, just above Andermatt .  The views were just amazing 

 Another day of fabulous weather

I chose to travel first class. There wasn't a huge amount of differencebetween 1st and 2nd: you still had the panoramic windows
But there was definitely more room in first and the tour companies tend to take over a lot of the 2nd class compartments so some of them were really noisy. If you are thinking of doing this trip - book it! It was amazing.
Zermatt is a totally different place to St Moritz : it has a pulse! The might Matterhorn towers over the village 

And the place is bustling with people and personality. A total contrast!

Unfortunately the weather is forecast for rain and storms tomorrow, my good weather luck may have just run out!!

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