Thursday 23 June 2016

Day 6

Zell am See
Woke up to the most amazing blue bird day.  Today was all about the walking. I did go out and buy myself a hat ad it was forecast to be 32 degrees
I  managed to get myself on a bus up to the cable car
The schittenhohe cable car takes about 5 mins to get you up to 2000 mtrs.  The views were breathtaking

Blue skies and mountains

 I have only ever skied on the Alps before and it did feel weird getting g off the cable car and then not just ski-ing down.  I was 17 when I last skied here!! I'm pretty certain we would've skied down here ...

 The walks were fabulous but once you got to your destination it looked a long way back (see that building in the distance!)

The paragliders were everywhere you looked. Rather them than me!
And all that walking meant a well deserved rest
Whilst I was sitting here I started talking to a german lady: me with fragmented german, her with fragmented english: it's one of the nice things about travelling solo: talking to people you probably wouldn't normally. She asked if I liked travelling alone. I  think if you are careful with where you go and what you do then travelling solo is fine. The alternative of course, is to stay at home and not travel at all! Of course it would be fantastic to have someone to share all this with, but better to travel alone than not at all!