Monday 27 June 2016

Day 10

I spent a lot of yesterday eveing trying to plan where I wanted to walk today. I was still pretty undecided and de idea to head for the train. This is the same line as the Bernina Express to Tirano but you can do the same route on a normal train. I sat opposite a couple who told me some of the best walks
So I got off at Alp Grum
Had 10 minutes and caught the train back to the previous stop and had a walk around the lake
Caught the next train to the cable car up Diavolezza. A priest got on at the last minute and proceeded to get out his rosary beads....We all shared nervous smiles! Anyway we got there safely
Glaciers and snow!
Took the cable car back down and walked - what a walk. There was every kind of scenery
 Fields and rivers
 Walking through the woods...the smell of the pine!

And (mostly) all in the glorious sunshine. 10 miles walked: I think I will sleep well tonight!

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