Saturday, 5 January 2013

Been chilling

I can't believe it is back to work on Monday!! It has been such a relaxing break and I know I am lucky to have had the whole two weeks off

The last couple of days have just been doing some small projects.  I have picked up a tea cosy that I started a while ago: for a collegue at work.  I made her a 'prototype' which fitted her tea pot.  Just need to finish this off before Monday

 A quick wide zippered pouch to put my stuff in, in my handbag.  Beccy couldn't understand why I need a bag in my handbag.....

And a quick 'slouch' bag (bad photo from my phone!): I bought the fabric in the sale at £2 meter

 bought half a mtr of each, so have different fabric on either side.  It has a magnetic popper too and has already had several outings

I had to buy a new (to me) car over the holidays.  My previous one was a lease car through work and the lease was up.  I could have got another, but Jenny is allowed to drive it.  So I bit the bullet and bought one: nothing worse than car shopping, but it all went very smoothly.  However, I am now very broke, so definitely no new fabric (or new anything) for the next couple of months for me!  So a big thank you to Laura who sent me a huge pile of scraps today, very timely

I interupted a conversation she was having on twitter before Christmas, about DWR quilts and scraps.  I sent her some of my scraps a few weeks ago and she has sent me some of hers.  Laura has sent at least double the amount that I sent to her, and I am sooo grateful - they are going to be well used!


  1. Love the tea cosy! I may need one now that I don't seem to be able to drink anything else than cold ones.

  2. Loving the makes! Of course you need a bag inside your bag! Meant to ask what car you went for? And scraps are always useful aren't they?

  3. You have had a nice sewing time. Zippy pouches are essential (& pretty), so you need one! Car buying fills me with dread, that is why we drive our cars until they go no more! Di x

  4. Tea cosy looks lovely! happy new car, too! What did you go for, in the end, and had you planned what to get, or was it a case of look see, before you decide?

  5. Enjoy the new wheels! My eldest is old enough to drive now but we have a people carrier, so I don't think she'll be learning anytime soon! Jxo


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