Sunday 23 December 2012

Two more sleeps

So, I appear to be all done and ready for the big day. It was such a relief to finish work non Friday, especially after the last few weeks we have had at work!

I finally cut in to the jelly roll that I won at the retreat last year

I have four big eight point stars to make: everything is cut out, it's now the putting together

I have wanted to do this pattern for ages, but boy is it fiddly: matching all those points up!! 

But its going to look amazing when its done: which is what I will be doing over the : hope it is peaceful and relaxing spent with people you want to be with


  1. Oh that looks so great Catherine! I love the feathered star but have never tried one myself. It's also fantastic to see you have time for fun sewing - yay!

  2. fiddley but it's going to look fantastic - enjoy your christmas break

  3. Love that fabric collection! Your star is looking fab! Have a wonderful Christmas break C! Jxo

  4. You are right - it will look amazing!

  5. Looks amazing already!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. The star is looking fab. Have fun over the hols. Happy Christmas to you and your girls. Di x

  7. Well done for cutting in! It looks amazing.


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