Sunday 2 December 2012

Cracking on with it all

Woo hoo, I have another finish for Rhonda's FAL: my scrappy star quilt for Joan

 this is another quilt, where I didn't use any wadding or backing material and instead have used a very soft blanket that has come from Primark for a fiver.
I just need to put a label on the back and then I will package it up and send it off.  I am really pleased with this one

Also, after seeing Hadleys fabulous inifinty scarves that she has been whipping up, I wanted to have a try. Hadley used gorgeous bright colours.  I popped down to my LQS yesterday and bought some cheap voile.  I didn't want to buy anything expensive in case I was no good at these.

 I bought two 1mtr lengths - you can see both of them in the 2nd picture.  Seriously, these are so easy to do, and I have enough material left for at least another two (christmas presents!!).  This one will be perfect for work and I will make some nice bright ones for non-work

And, I finished off my little stockings last night too.  (please excuse the piece of mdf that is  a temporary measure-there's a huge hole in the wall where my back boiler used to be!)

And, I have been revising too, so am feeling very pleased with myself. 

 I know its been very cold this weekend, but hasn't it been nice to see the sunshine!


  1. Loving the stars. Yay to another finish. The scarf is great too.

  2. I've been meaning to have a go at those scarves for ages! Yours are so lovely! Jxo

  3. Pretty quilt! The star blocks are lovely

  4. The scalf is beautiful....Great idea for some Christmas presents.

  5. Love your scarf. Great fabric! I've only made them with flannel and voile not just voile. Star quilt is cool too.

  6. Great scarf...I have some Liberty tana lawn fabric that I have earmarked for scarf making. Joan's quilt has turned out really well and those tiny stockings are adorable. Di x


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