Friday 14 December 2012

Its all over

Well, that's it: I have done my final exam (bar any re-sit!!)  It has taken 3 and half years, but I have finally got there.  I would say the exam result is 50/50, but I actually don't even care right now!!

I have had fabulous post this week too - and post that I can start to mess around with now that I have free time!!

First up I received my amazing winnings from Hadley - beautifully wrapped

This fantastic drawstring bag with the hexies: I tried so many photos to show you the colour range with the hexies, laying them on their sides, but it didn't work - take my word for it!!  There must be about 100 hexies all there waiting for me

A big thank you to Hadley x

And today I picked up some mail from the post office, one of which was this

my bee a brit stingy secret santa from Emily.  We all made each other a basket and filled it with 'things'

Emily had put all of this in for me

Thank you Emily x

So - a fantastic week for receiving amazing post from generous blogging friends, topped off with NO MORE STUDY OR REVISION!!!!


  1. Woo Hoo well done you in finishing the studying. I bet you feel demob happy. Lovely lovely basket and drawstring bag and contents. Have a great weekend. Di x

  2. Yeah!!!!! I hope you're celebrating in a suitable fabric, anyone?! Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Woooooohoooooooooo! Now go and have some fun!!

  4. Lovely gifts and time off to enjoy them too. Well deserved and here's hoping you have a terrific, relaxing time over Christmas.

  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY - enjoy no studying

  6. Well done Catherine, what a relief!

  7. My pleasure! Love your other goodies too, enjoy the weekend xxx

  8. Well done Catherine! I remember finishing my professional exams and cheerfully tipping all of my revision papers into the recycling. What a weight off your mind just before Christmas - now you can enjoy the whole of Christmas without thinking once about debits or credits!

  9. Congratulations! I hope you are having the best time with all that extra time! And you have the best mail too!


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