Sunday 16 December 2012

Construction Round 2

Today we had round two of the gingerbread houses, with the 19 year olds!   

 I was up early making the gingerbread: I wanted to make sure the pieces were cooked and cooled before construction. 

This time there were three succesful finishes:

And it seems luck is really on my side..... I have won Amanda's giveaway!  I got to choose two of these charm packs: I chose the two 2nd row down.  How fabulous is that! Thank you Amanda

Giveaway - choose 2 charm packs


  1. Yay to gingerbread houses and winning, again!

  2. Gosh more gingerbread! You girls are going to be very sick on all those sweets!!! The fabric win is just the perfect way to finish off a good week. Di x

  3. These gingerbread houses look great! Congrats on win and well done finishing your exams :)

  4. You are on a winning streak - congratulations!! I love the look of the gingerbread houses...nomnomnom.


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