Sunday 11 November 2012

Time is not my friend

 I am feeling the pressure a little for a couple of swaps that I signed up for.  Now, when I signed up for them mum did not have her date to go to hospital and I was not expecting to have to be completing application forms for my job!! 

I signed up for the scrappy swap organised by Kat as well as a secret santa for the Bee a brit stingy
I have made a QAYG wide mouth pouch for the scrappy swap, but havn't started on the other swap yet!  I am more than happy with the scraps I have used for my partner...

..... but slightly less happy with the way my sewing has turned out.  I had an issue with the zip ends not matching up.  So, I had to unpick a bit, which has in turn led to a slightly wonky pouch

I can't show you the middle panel, it would give it away completely

I can't show the middle section of this side as this will give the game away.  But I am really hoping that it will make my partner smile-she will understand the story behind it  (I hope!!)  I have decided that as the pouch is on a wonk I will be sending more scraps than a FQ's worth, including some that I know she has been collecting, to make up for it-any other time, I would have started again, but at the moment I just don't have the time.  It isn't dreadful and still looks good (well, I think so!)

 I have spent today taking Beccy to a dance exam and then having to go to the hospital to pick up a prescription for my mum that they had forgotten to give her, only to find out that the doctor had not bothered to complete the prescripton which then led me to running around the hospital, finally ending up at the pharmacy, who thankfully, couldn't do enough to help me!  Yesterday was spent taking mum shopping and sorting things out at her house.  No time for sewing then!!

Yesterday was Jennys 19th birthday - where has that time gone!!  She went out with her friends last night and got in at 4am.  Needless to say she hasn't been herself today!! 
Jen, on the left, ready for her night out
Tonight, we are going to settle down and watch 'The best exotic marigold hotel'.  I have read the book and really enjoyed it, so am looking forward to watching the film and chilling out


  1. Well, I love the pouch and would be thrilled with it !! It looks perfect if you ask me!

  2. The pouch looks good to me. And another birthday. You guys will be sick of cake soon! Hope she enjoyed herself, if she can remember.

  3. The pouch looks good so don't be critical of yourself. I can barely remember partying all night, having a shower and then going straight to work!!! 10pm feels late these days! Di x

  4. Happy birthday to the birthday girl and yes, the pouch looks good here too :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. I think the pouch looks great, you are being way too hard on yourself.

  6. Pouch looks perfectly good to me! Hope the birthday girl didn't suffer all day! And that you enjoyed

    1. Continuing on ... Hope you enjoyed the film, I loved it!

  7. Hope you had a relaxing evening! Your pouch is lovely and I'm sure it will be well appreciated by the recipient. Happy birthday to Jenny! Jxo


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