Friday 9 November 2012

That was the week that was..

Well, the week has whizzed passed and thank goodness: it has been a really difficult one!
Mum went in for a knee replacement op on Monday, so there have been trips to the hospital and tidying her house before she comes home (she is some sort of compulsive hoarder NOTHING gets thrown away!)
We have all been told at work that we have to re-apply for our jobs-bit of a shocker! But the silver lining is that there will be three new posts to apply for, at a higher grade, but you can only apply if you have the minimum qualification of AAT: turns out that the last 3 odd years studying havn't been in vain!! (last exam is December, so I will be as near as dam it qualified.) so I figure I won't lose anything by applying for a higher grade!

My bee blocks have started to come home.  Tanya made me a little something with the scraps

My house is full of hanging hearts, all over the place, so this is perfect

terrible picture, sorry
 It was a little ray of sunshine to receive it this week, thank you Tanya

And a quick update of the DWR quilt which is coming on nicely

Revision for me this weekend, but there WILL also be some sewing!!


  1. Sorry you've had such a stressful week - hope the weekend is much more fun! Your epp is looking fabulous :-)

  2. Not a good week but so hope that you get one of those jobs at a higher grade. I will have every finger and toe crossed for you.

  3. Hope your mum is ok and fingers crossed for the higher grade job. Loving your DWR so far

  4. Your studying has been worth it! Go for it!!! Hope that your Mum is fighting fit soon. Di x

  5. ooooo not a good week - fingers crossed that there will be good job opportunities ahead. And I hope your Mum is OK. Glad you liked the little pincushion ring, and your block - must blog about it soon

  6. Not a good week but maybe the reapplying thing is fates way of making all the AAT study worthwhile! Love that little heart and your epp is looking fab. Hope your Mum makes a speedy recovery!

  7. I have loads of hanging hearts too!
    Re-applying for your own job seems to be quite common these days - good luck with the next one up.xx

  8. I hope you mum is better than new soon! And I have my fingers crossed for that higher grade too. But what are the hanging hearts about? And I am loving your quilt.

  9. Best wishes for your mum and good luck with the job application! I love your EPP and the progress you are making. Have a great weekend.

  10. Good luck with the job application/interview process, etc. - I hope you get one of the higher grade jobs so all your studying pays off!
    Your wedding rings are looking gorgeous!
    Hope your mam recovers quickly xx

  11. Glad you survived the week! Hope you get some down time this weekend. Jxo


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