Friday 30 November 2012

Happy Scrappy

Happy Scrappy mail arrived for me this week from Jenny It came beautifully packaged all the way from Denver, PA, USA

 This is my 'little' something handmade from scraps that Jenny sent me: isn't it fantastic (and not so little!)  Unfortunately the light doesn't show up the quilting.  Jenny tells me that this was her first ever swap - well she got everything so spot on!
 And all these gorgeous scraps.......
all just perfect for two weeks time, when I have taken my last (I hope) AAT exam and can do LOADS of sewing.
I may just have signed myself up for one last exam today - what an idiot!!  But there is method in my madness.  This one is a CIPFA qualification in Academies accounting.  It usually takes 6 - 12mths, but having looked through it 90% of the course is the same as the exam that I am currently studying for, so I figured I would be mad not to do it, but hopefully get in done in less than 6 weeks ...... so thats January and Febraury spoken for then!!   I must be mad


  1. Glad you got a great package and I really admire how you're taking to all this study and working and being a Mum and having a life!

  2. Scrappy happiness indeed. What a lovely parcel. Good for you doing the extra exam, it will be well worth it. Di x

  3. That tree is just superb - what happy mail! Sounds like a sensible plan with the study - albeit a madly busy plan ;o)

  4. Not mad, just savvy. All the best, C. Nice swap items too.

  5. Ahhhh! You're either an exam-junkie or the eternal student! At least you have a plan Cannibal! Jxo


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