Saturday 24 November 2012

More Christmas sewing

My sewing activities have been woefully inadequate recently.  Not a loss of mojo, just time!
Anyway, the good news is that I have spent 6 hours of today re-applying for my job and applying for the new one.  I have sent it off to my brother for him to cast a critical eye over it, and then that's it, it's done! 

I have been sewing some of these: they are only a couple of inches.

 a bit of wadding in between and some blanket stitching and they become these

with the idea that they will turn in to this 

Picture from Punkin patterns
I used the tutorial from punkinpattern - go and have a look as its well written and really easy to follow.  I will be doing some more hand stitching tonight.

I have put in for my final (i hope) exam for the 14th december: just thinking of all that spare time is what is keeping me going at the moment.  I can really look forward to Christmas without that hanging over me!


  1. ooooo these little stockings are cute cute cute. Well done with the application form.... good luck xxx

  2. That is a very cute garland! How exciting about getting that exam all done before the holidays!

  3. It will be a very cheery garland when done! Good luck for that exam! all crossed xxx

  4. What an adorable stocking garland! Hope you have fun making those teeny stockings for it. All the very best for your exam and your job applications C.

  5. I hope the job app and exam go well. Cutesy stockings! Adorable! Jxo

  6. Good luck with the exam and job application! Your stockings look great :)

  7. I wondered the other day where you were up to with the job application. Good luck with that and that exam! Cute stockings too x

  8. these are so cute and best of luck with the exam ! As you know my block is ready I just need to get it posted so will try to do it by Monday at the latest is that ok?? x


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