Sunday 4 December 2011

A weekends work

This sums up my weekend:

The book and the calculator have been the biggest part of the weekend, trawling through that book, trying to get finished in plenty of time before the exam to allow for revision :-( 
My purse saw a lot of action yesterday when I was christmas shopping, but at last I feel like I am getting ready for Christmas.

I didn't use those rubber gloves for washing up: I used them for FMQ'ing!  What a difference a pair of gloves makes!!  Now, I know there are plenty of much nicer quilting gloves out there, but these were on hand when I started

I can't imagine what I must look like sitting at the sewing machine in my rubber gloves!! I have managed to quilt about half of my christmas quilt, which I am really pleased with, but have now run out of thread - aagghh!
This is only my 2nd attempt at FMQ'ing (not counting my hot water bottle cover)  This was my first attempt

Its not amazing, by any standards.  I learnt a lot from this one.  All I need to do now is bind it and pass it on and hope that it gives someone some comfort.

And finally, see that little bottle of fizz - thats what I am about to open!  Hope you all had great weekends


  1. Rubber gloves! Really? I would never have imagined!

  2. I think you are very brave to be F-M-Qing, the very thought makes me break out in a sweat!! lol

  3. I answered the door to my daughter & husband, in my white quilting gloves - I looked like somebody from the b & w minstrels (if I am allowed to say that)

  4. Enjoy the fizz. I think the star quilt does look amazing and I love the subtle colours you used to such great effect.

  5. hope you enjoyed the champers/sparkling wine(can't see if it's french!) my rubber gloves have perished through lack of use....

  6. I think your quilting looks brilliant. Much better than I could ever do.

  7. Your quilt is great! I tried FMQ'ing some weeks ago, I need to practice a lot :(. Yours is amazing!

  8. It's good to find something that makes fmq easier. Well done! Jxo


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