Sunday 11 December 2011

A birthday bash

Today Beccy and I did a 160 mile round trip (well, actually I did the driving!) to visit my friend Donna who lives in 'The Chalfonts'
We went to celebrate her daughter Hollys 18th
Jenny, me, Donna and Holly
Donna and I first met when we worked together in 1988 (!!).  There is 6 weeks between Holly and Jenny and we have stayed in touch despite not living so close now.  They came over for Jennys 18th a few weeks ago

Holly and Jenny
Poor Jenny couldn't come with us today, as she had to work, but it was lovely to catch up with Donna and her family who I have known for just as long, and also her husbands side of the family.  I am completely knackered now after 4 hours of driving!
Holly was poorly last year, with a fainting disorder, although it is all now under control.  She looked gorgeous today (obviously I completely forgot to take any pics!)
So Happy Birthday Holly, for Tuesday


  1. Love your olds pics Catherine and we must be a similar vintage because 1988 is the year I went to uni aged 18!

  2. Duh, took a while to figure the first pic was not from today!!!

  3. Sounds fun! Glad you have been able to stay so close! And I had to keep looking at that first picture because the baby on the right looks like a doll. Took me a minute to realize she was real!


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