Thursday 8 December 2011

The decorations are up

Well, Christmas has arrived in our house and the tree is up: I did try to take a pic but it looks dreadful, maybe over the weekend!

I did get a pic of this

I made this several years ago - it was my own design, although I am sure there are loads around like it.

I 'hung' some gold thread on it, with some yo-yo's and glitterly bobbly bits and some beads on the gold thread

So, its now hanging on the wall with lots of other christmas decs.  I never usually put our tree up this early, its just that we have so many other things going on over the next few day, this was the only time we could do it!


  1. Few days ago a saw a similar pattern (yours seems simplier) and I decided to sew one. Maybe next year! It's so decorative!

  2. Like that you decorated your quilted wall hanging tree. We are supposedly getting our tree this weekend. Or so the girls say!


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