Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lokking better!

Remember that poor red star that looked so ugly against my white for the modern table runner swap: well it now looks much better with some friends

 I have finished my 'alernative' table runner which i will take to my sister in laws this weekend

 I quilted around each star, this one in red

And the black one with gold thread

And then a star in red and gold for the middle block (terrible light, no matter how hard I tried!)

So, I am really pleased with how this one has turned out after the initial disaster.  I have been sorely tempted to keep it myself, but I have restrained.  Plus there are some amazing table runners being whipped up over at the swap, one of which will be coming my way!

And here is a sneak peek of Jennys album: a couple of my favourite pages:

And by the way, don't you just hate leaving home in the dark first thing in the morning, and then coming home in the dark too- roll on summer!!


  1. Love your SIL`s tablerunner Catherine and the photo album s too cute!

  2. Tablerunner looking good, love your hand stitching. And the scrapbook is super.

  3. The tablerunner is fabulous. Shows that what does not work in one setting is so great in another. Love your stitching on it too. The photo album is a wonderful gift and keepsake. I would be in tears putting it together, all those memories!

  4. Dear Catherine!
    The table runner is amazing! You did a great job!


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