Tuesday 22 November 2011

Double Yay!

Two lots of good news. First of all I won a giveaway!  From the fabulous Jenna over at Sewhappygeek, I already knew she was super talented because she was my one of my swap partners in the mug rug swap and made me these:

She wrote this 'whingy post' (her words, not mine!) re big corporations (ie Moda) and the so called little person.  Have a read, there were a lot of people, including myself, who had things to say on bad manners!  Anyway, she gave away a bag of scraps to a lucky commenter, and that person was me!  Can't wait, you only have to see all the lovely things she makes to look forward to some scraps!
Also check out the tutorial that she has done, which was the basis of her original post:

And finally, I got home earlier than normal from work today and whilst it was still light (just) I got my conservatory back to the sewing room that it should be and found my ruler.  Now I am good to go!


  1. Yea! You found your ruler and you won a giveaway. And you got off work early too. Give the day a gold star!!

  2. Congrats again Catherine - you`re a worthy winner and I hate bad manners!

  3. yeah congratulations Catherine!! also thanks for the link to sewhappygeek - another blog to happily follow!! ;)

  4. Congrats! No stopping you now! Jxo


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